What Should Hearing Instruments Cost?

Types of Instruments
Analog hearing instruments are generally broken down into “Class A” and “Class D“. Believe it or not, “Class D” is actually better than “Class A”. It’s a quieter circuit and can be manipulated for better hearing than “Class A”. At Affordable Hearing Solutions we still have these aids available and refer to them as “20 Year Old Technology At a 20 Year Old Price”. Depending on which model you choose, they could cost between $599 and $899 each. They’re still better than nothing and many people swear by them. Unlike some companies that advertise them as “bait and switch” items so they can sell you something expensive, we leave that decision up to you and your budget limits.
Technology Options and Price Range

Digital hearing instruments are available in “basic”, “programmable”, and “advanced programmable”. Basic units have digital components and features that can be manipulated with a screwdriver and have limited flexibility. They can cost between $799 and $999 depending on model. Programmable models (medium grade technology) are also digital, but have features that can be programmed with a computer. They have more features than the basic digital units and are our most popular models. They can cost between $1099 and $1890, depending on model.We also dispense advanced technology digital instruments that feature higher level programmability and options. They often cost us more than what we sell other levels of instruments for. Prices range between $2090 and $2999 each. We don’t sell many of these and we rarely recommend them.

In-Home Service Available
We understand that many people may be unable to come to our office due to physical ailments. For a modest charge we still make house calls to do repairs, tests, or fitting of hearing instruments. Call us at 399-3220 and we will be happy to schedule such a visit.

Hearing Information Sources

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years. You can call us and order a copy of “How To Save Money On Hearing Aids” by dialing (520) 399-3220.