Hearing Instrument Options

As an independently owned company, we are not limited to a single manufacturer. We are able to offer you a variety of choices for your hearing loss – all within your budget!
Completely-In-Canal Hearing Instrument
Canal Custom Instrument
Mini-Canal Instrument
All the above hearing instrument types (except receiver-in-the-ear) are available in both digital and analog models. Your choices are dependent on your hearing loss, physical limitations and budget.

The Brands We Service and Sell

Even though we are an independent office competing with large international chains, we have the ability to negotiate competitive pricing that rivals the foreign owned franchise offices.
If you have a Miracle Ear, Beltone, Costco, Avada, or any other private label instrument, you likely have a "locked program". This is their way of holding you hostage, requiring you to return to them for service. You have the right to demand that the real manufacturer unlock the program and allow you to get service elsewhere. We can help you with this.

Audiometric Hearing Evaluation

Before we can dispense a hearing instrument, we need to take a brief medical and hearing history, conduct an otoscopic examination of your ear canals, and give you a three part hearing evaluation using our calibrated audiometer to help us determine how you hear in different frequencies and what your tolerance levels are.
Although adults are not required to have an examination by an ear, nose and throat physician prior to being fit with hearing aids, many people do this and we will cooperate with your physician. Our examination may find cause for us to refer you to such a physician if anything out of the ordinary is found.